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The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining the City's accounting and financial systems including accounts payable, payroll, investments, utilities and  fixed assets. Works with Mayor and City Council on preparing the annual budget. Our main goal of this site is to ensure that the citizens of La Vernia know about the finances of the city. 


You can reach us at (830) 779-4541 or by email.

POC:   Yvonne Griffin, City Administrator (Finance Director)
           Jenny Begole, A/P and Payroll  

           Brittani Porter, City Secretary - For Open Record Request



The City of La Vernia Receives Recognition for Transparency Efforts from Texas Comptroller


Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced the City of La Vernia is the latest local government entity to achieve specific transparency goals through the Comptroller’s Transparency Stars program. The City of La Vernia received a star in the area of Traditional Finances, which recognizes entities for their outstanding efforts in making their spending and revenue information available.


Transparency Stars recognizes local government entities that provide easy online access to important financial data.


“By providing meaningful financial data in addition to visual tools and analysis of its revenues and expenditures, the City of La Vernia has shown a true commitment to Texas taxpayers. This effort achieves the goals set by my office’s Transparency Stars program,” Hegar said. “I am pleased to award the City of La Vernia a star for its accomplishments.”


The Comptroller’s office launched the Transparency Stars program in March 2016 to recognize cities, counties and school districts making important strides to greater government transparency. Local government entities can apply for stars in the areas of:


  • Traditional Finances,
  • Contracts and Procurement,
  • Economic Development,
  • Public Pensions, and
  • Debt Obligations.


After receiving an initial star for Traditional Finances, remaining stars may be awarded in any order. For more information on the program, including specific guidelines and information on how to apply, visit the Comptroller’s Transparency Stars website.


Check are listed by fiscal year, the current month is listed by month.


FY 2020-2021

Oct 2020                              Apr 2021
Nov 2020                             May 2021
Dec 2020                             June 2021
Jan 2021                              July 2021
Feb 2021                             Aug 2021
Mar 2021                             Sep 2021

Effective December 1st the city consolidated to one checking account. 


The following are consolidated check registers 

FY 2019-20
FY 2018-19
FY 2017-18

FY 2016-17
FY 2015-16
FY 2014-15


      FY 2021
      FY 2020
      Excel Budget for FY 2020
      FY 2019
      Excel budget for FY 2019
      FY 2018 
      FY 2017
      FY 2016



     FY 2020
     FY 2019
     FY 2018  
     FY 2017    
     FY 2016
     FY 2015
     FY 2014
     FY 2013
     FY 2012
     FY 2011

The following is the debt service schedule for the City of La Vernia.  This includes all current bonds with their payment schedules.  All debt service is funded by the Utility Fund.

Debt Service Schedule


Current Bond Rating -  AA
    Standard & Poor's Rating Service

The following is the Property Tax History with the Maintenance & Operation and Debt (I&S) Service.  *Note that 1/4 of a percent from the Sales Tax offset the Property Tax Rate.

Fiscal  Tax                              Total
Year         Year           I&S           M&O     Tax
2009 2008 0.0305 0.2785 0.3090
2010 2009 0.0284 0.1919 0.2203
2011 2010 0.0268 0.1905 0.2173
2012 2011 0.0249 0.1749 0.1998
2013 2012 0.0234 0.1774 0.2008
2014 2013 0.0218 0.1774 0.1992
2015 2014 0.0207 0.1792 0.1999
2016 2015 0.0194 0.1805 0.1999
2017 2016 0.0173 0.1826 0.1999
2018 2017 0.0173 0.1826 0.1999
2019 2018     0         0.1999 0.1999
2020        2019     0         0.1999 0.1999
2021        2020     0          0.1889     0.1889








The following show the General Fund Revenues and Expenditures by per capita, years 2015 - 2018 are based on actual cost.  FY 2019 is based  on Budget.



*Based on 1400

The City of La Vernia employees the following positions:

Administrative: 5
Public Works: 4
Parks: 1
Police Department: 9
Fire Inspector/Code Enforcement: .5


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